Originally built as a refueling depot to support civilian and military craft, ALuCE-1 was a small outpost on the Moon. Developed during the build up phase for the Pioneer Mission, ALuCE-1 was eventually overshadowed by the much larger Moon Base Luna. Over the years, ALuCE was expanded ever so slightly until it included several surface buildings as well as a modest subsurface complex.

By the time of the 2nd Robotech War, ALuCE-1 was almost completely a civilian base to accommodate craft on the run out to the Asteroid Belt. In the opening moments of the war, the Masters bombed the surface buildings of ALuCE and captured a number of its personnel. The remaining personnel abandoned the base. Thankfully, ALuCE was mostly unharmed and a modest rebuilding and resource replenishment effort made it operational again. ALuCE became a vital link in carrying the war to the Robotech Masters.

At the end of the 2nd Robotech War, ALuCE-1 had several thousand combat troops and mecha as well as a number of support and capital starships. These assets would later prove to be invaluable in the opening days of the 3rd Robotech War as the Invid Regiss tried to gain total control of the Earth and the space lanes in Near-Earth Orbit. Throughout the 3rd Robotech War, Moon Base ALuCE continued to grow as well as operate as a military staging area, shuttling supplies and personnel to the advance bases like Point K on the surface of the Earth.