Tactical Armored Space Corps
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Army of the Southern Cross

The Alpha Tactical Armored Corps was an elite Veritech armor division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



A.T.A.C. standard armor.

The elite grunts of the ground forces were the ATAC pilots, who specialized in operating the Veritech Hover Tanks. The ATAC recruit underwent a gruelling training program, both with and without the mecha. At the end of the program, man and machine function as one. Their mastery of the Vertiech systems was astounding, and took advantage of the mecha's versatility to its optimum efficiency in every situation. Additional mecha training in the use of non-transformable battloids made ATAC troops a welcome presence in the battlefield.

The ATAC represented the Army of the Southern Cross' heavy, ground Veritech combat units. As such, they were deployed in frontline offensives and used as heavy support units. They were usually assigned to operate alongside other divisions and special teams. Assignments vary greatly from spearheading an assault to escorting an important dignitary. Typically, the ATAC were sent on the most dangerous operations. These ranged from reconnaissance through hostile territory, assault, seek and destroy, rescue, defense, and space-borne tasks. The Veritech Hover Tank was outfitted to be space worthy, though it lacked a proper propulsion system and suffered from very limited mobility unless on the ground or in/on a spacecraft. Likewise, the VHT was an adequate underwater vehicle, when the mission required.