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Army of the Southern Cross

Dying under the command of a ditzy teenager isn't the way I hoped to go out.

—Sgt. Angelo Dante

Angelo Dante, nicknamed Angie, was the most experienced member of the 15th ATAC Squad, and was a prominent character in Robotech: The Masters where he was voiced by Steve Kramer. He occasionally acted as a leader in the absence of his commanding officers He served under Sean Phillips, then later served under Dana Sterling. He was considered the straight man in a company of misfits. He was originally named Andrzej Sławski in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


Sargeant Angelo Dante was a dedicated member of the 15th ATAC Squad and cared deeply for the well-being of his subordinates. He can be distrustful of people in the beginning, a trait that has served him well in the past. His conventional mindset has put him at odds with his superior officers from time to time. His practical nature has given him a knack for thinking of ways to get out of sticky situations. He personally doesn't consider himself capable enough to lead, though it hasn't stopped him in the past for taking charge of certain dilemmas. He particularly enjoys low-brow forms of entertainment.


False StartEdit


Angelo having enough of Zor.

He initially seved under the command of Sean Phillips in the 15th ATAC Squad. When Sean was demoted for insubordination, he served under notorious Dana Sterling. He didn't think much of his new commander when she was first placed with the unit. Over time, he began to respect her talents and decisions.

A New RecruitEdit

When the alien clone Zor Prime was placed with the 15th in an attempt to restore his memories, he took it upon himself to keep a close eye on him. He was always distrustful of him, and went so far as to call him an enemy spy. He would often see him wandering around near the War Council, or near restricted areas. He never quite warmed up to the him, going so far as to punch him in the face for betraying the confidence of one of their own. This didn't stop Dana Sterling from constantly reprimanding him for his "childish" behavior.


Angelo was one of the few surviviving members of the 15th Squad. After the final Battle of Monument City, Angelo resolved to help out in the relief efforts of the refugees of the Robotech Masters in any way he possibly can.