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The Army of the Southern Cross, often referred to as The Armies of the Southern Cross and sometimes simply the Southern Cross, was a an elite military unit that was part of the United Earth Forces. They were tasked with planetary defense, and were led by Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard, along with his Joint Chiefs, which include Major General Rolf Emerson. The Army of the Southern Cross was composed of several "sub-armies", that performed specific functions for various operations. The organization played a key role fending off the Robotech Masters, during the Second Robotech War, but were ultimately defeated during the Invid Invasion


Early Foundation

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The Task Force Southern Cross (TFSC) (The predecessor to the Army of the Southern Cross) was a originally a destroid unit that served during the First Robotech War, and was part of the Robotech Defense Force. It was originally named after the cross-like constellation of stars only visible from the southern hemisphere on Earth. During the Reconstruction Era, the Southern Cross was assigned in South America to keep the peace from the growing population of disenfranchised Zentraedi. As more and more resources and manpower were spent on the Pioneer Mission under the Gloval Initiative, pressure was placed on the makeshift "army" to safeguard areas that were classified as Zentraedi Control Zones. As the Malcontent Uprisings boiled over, the Southern Cross, despite under funded and under equipped, responded to the threat quickly and efficiently. Much of their success is attributed to their commander Anatole Leonard, and Rolf Emerson.

Weapons Development

During this tumultuous period, the Southern Cross Army Research (SCAR) division, with the aid of private firms like Shimada Enterprises, began developing a new set of armor unique to each branch of this growing "army". The designs, while elaborate, were also tough and helped distinguished each division of the Southern Cross (ASC). Several new battloid designs were also rolled out, tailored specifically to deal with hostile threats and environmental hazards. Within a matter of years, the Armies of the Southern Cross became the de facto protectors of the Earth, under the United Earth Forces, with oversight from the United Earth Government.

With the exception of the VHR-2 Myrmidon Hover Tank, VHT-1 Spartas Hover Tank and the later VHT-3 Kratos, the mecha and battloids of the Southern Cross where of a considerably lighter fare than their RDF predecessors. The VF-8 Logan and battloids, such as the CBH-4 Salamander or the CBH-5 Basilisk, where less armored, though much more maneuverable than much of the RDF's mecha from a generation earlier. There was also a move away from standard projectile weapons, instead opting for beam weapons. All Southern Cross mecha also developed armor that was laser resistant.


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The various "Armies" of the Southern Cross.

Although the ASC repelled the Robotech Masters during the Second Robotech War, they had suffered grievous losses. The death of several senior command staff, including Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard and Chief of Staff Rolf Emerson left a power vacuum. The survivors faced an uncertain future, and it would be a matter of time before Earth is consumed in war once more.

By the time the Invid arrived, the ASC, weary from constant battles with the Robotech Masters who refused to surrender, fell to the Invid. Many of the surviving Southern Cross personnel opted flee Earth during the initial stages of the Invid invasion. Many that couldn't leave the planet were forced into hiding or surrendered. Reports of soldiers being subjected to vile experiments upon in Invid Hives instilled fear on the once proud soldiers of the Southern Cross.

Armies of the Southern Cross

Department of Surface Operations

  • Tactical Corps
    • Cold Weather Offensive Squad
      • Cold-Weather Offensive Squad is another variation of the basic Tactical Corps. Assigned to the polar regions, these troops are assigned to protect the Robotech Research Scientists who are active in the region. They are also trained for first strike capability
    • Desert Squad
      • The Desert Squad is the branch of the Tactical Corps that serve as United Earth Government's version of the "French Foreign Legion." Stationed at remote desert outposts, these troop man heavy artillery. They are savage fighters who relish the opportunity to engage in hand-to-hand combat.
    • Humid Climate Offensive Squad
      • Humid Climate Offensive Squad are basically, the "Green Beret" of the Tactical Corps. These troops are assigned to marshy enviroments. They are master at camouflage and infiltration.
    • Jungle Squad
      • The Jungle Squad is a forest branch of the Tactical Corps. The main difference is in ordinance of weaponry and combat armor.
    • Mountain Offensive Squad
      • Mountain Offense Squad is a specialized branch of the Tactical Corps. This squad is assigned the task of patrolling the many mountain ranges on the planet. A ground based unit.
    • Recon Escort Patrol
      • Recon Escort Patrol are the members of the Tactical Corps responsible for all communications-related missions. They function as intelligence gathers and provide tacitical support for the Global Military Police.
    • Sea Squad
      • The Sea Squad is basically, the Naval Division of the Army of the Southern Cross. These troops work as either re-con or offensive units. Their actions are confined to deep water research in the development of protoculture.
    • Alpha Tactical Armored Corps
      • Alpha Tactical Armored Corps (ATAC) is the elite unit of the Department of Surface Operations (ground forces) of the Army of the Southern Cross assigned the task of piloting the remarkable VHT-1 Veritech Hovertank - a transformable heavy armored personnel combat vehicle. The Alpha Corps is able to work with most of the various divisions of the Army of the Southern Cross' other tactical groups. Only the best soldiers are inducted into the Alpha Corps.
    • Civil Defense Unit
      • Civil Defense Unit is a unit of the Department of Surface Operations of the Army of the Southern Cross. This division is used as a basic civilian policing force. They are assigned to protect the local cities and encampments and provide a high profile for the Army of the Southern Cross and the United Earth Government. They work in conjuction with Civil Defense Flying Corps

Department of Aerospace Operations

    • Tactical Air Force
      • Tactical Air Force is the basic Air Force of the United Earth Government. This division which trains combart pilots and all technical support teams for conventional (non-space related) missions.
    • Civil Defense Flying Corps
      • Civil Defense Flying Corps is a squad of the department of aerospace operations of the Army of the Southern Cross. This squad works in conjunction with the Civil Defense Unit to police the non-military outposts cities which have sprung up after the First Robotech War.
    • Cosmic Unit
      • Cosmic Units are the troops of the United Earth Government who guard the various off-world military outposts (such as Moon Base ALUCE) and orbiting space stations which provide security and research for the Robotech Research Group. They can function as pilots in case of emergency.
    • Tactical Armored Space Corps
      • Tactical Armored Space Corps is the equivalent of the Alpha Tactical Armored Corps in regard to their elite status in the United Earth Government's Air and Space Forces. The pilots of the Armored Space Corps are assigned to the Veritech VFH-10 AGAC --a transformable attack 'copter capable of prolonged flight in outer space. TASC pilots also use a VF-8 Logan, which is a powerful offensive weapon system, capable of two modes of operation, battloid and fighter modes. The TASC also operates in space using starships that are commissioned by the Army of the Southern Cross. One of their commanders of the TASC is in fact General Rolf Emerson.

Notable Vessels of the Southern Cross