Bioroid Commander

Robotech Masters





Technical specifications

6.7 feet (2 meters)


9.1 feet (2.8 meters)


21.5 feet (6.5 meters)


11.3 tons

Maximum speed

120 mpg or 192 km/h running

Power plant

One miniature Protoculture reactor

  • Pulse Beam Disc Gun Pod
  • 12.7mm Plasma Cannon (Head)

1 pilot


High-level Clone

  • Recon
Year introduced



Take that you tin-can turkey!

—Lt. Sterling, 15th ATAC Squad

The Bioroid Commander was one of the most feared Bioroid units in the battlefield. The Red Bioroid was a Bioroid Command Unit commonly found leading special squads and commanding platoons or larger group of Bioroids. It shared similar design cues with the older Blue and Green Bioroid with some notable exceptions. Perceptive members of the Southern Cross have found that destroying this Bioroid Command Unit would compromise the function of the rest of the group, though this was much easier said than done. The most famous of these units was piloted by Zor Prime. It was featured in Robotech: The Masters.

Characteristics Edit

The Bioroid Commander was highly maneuverable despite being incapable of full flight, but it made up for these deficiencies with the Bioroid Skysled. The Bioroid Commander is usually equipped with the "Drum" gun pod.

Development Edit

The Bioroid Commander series was the most technologically advanced mecha line to date. The series was developed as a Commander variant, and formed an elite corps directly under the Robotech Masters themselves. The requirements for this mecha were different than those for the Zentraedi mecha, for where the Zentraedi were created to conquer or to destroy, the Commander were as much meant to command and to protect as to engage in combat.

Control MechanismEdit

The Bioroid was controlled by a mechanism unique to all Robotech mecha. While Battloids and Battle Pods use input from control sticks and pedals to translate pilot's intent to the mecha, and whereas Power Armors amplify limb movements to the mecha's own limbs, the Bioroid was completely mentally controlled. A series of biological "diodes" implanted into the pilot reroute brain signals from the pilot's motor nervous system to the Bioroid's, making the Bioroid an extention of the pilot's own body. Because of this, and because of the unique servo system, the Bioroid was extremely difficult to disable without killing or incapacitating the pilot. A side effect of the control system is that when the pilot was improperly removed from the mecha, his/her nervous system could be damaged, and may become completely unresponsive.

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