Civil Defense Flying Corps
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Army of the Southern Cross

Civil Defense Unit was the division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Civil Defense Flying Corps' standard armor.

The CDFC worked with the Civil Defense Unit to police and defend non-military outposts and cities. The fundamental concepts surrounding the army for civil defense were unchanged. The difference was simply that the CDFC was a tactical air unit.

The orientation of the CDFC was reconnaissance, observation, action and speed, through flight. Soldiers of the Flying Corp buzzing around skyscrapers and through alleyways like mad hornets were a common sight. The jet pack attachment to the body armor was a superb personal means of transportation, especially within the confines of the city. The flying units were so effective that they have been nicknamed "the eyes of the Civil Defense Corps"

The most often deployed modes of flight were helicopters and jet pack. Other aircraft, including older jet fighters were also used in conflicts beyond the perimeter of the city. The Commanchero and Sea-Sergeant assault helicopters have become two of the main assault vehicles of the CDFC before they were replaced in later years by more advanced models. Battloids were rarely used by this civil defense army.