Civil Defense Unit
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Army of the Southern Cross

Civil Defense Unit was a division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Civil Defense Unit's standard armor.

The army of Civil Defense Unit was composed of spit and polish soldiers whose purpose was public relations as much as it was combat. The CDU were the urban police sent into a troubled city to protect it against an invader or from local criminal elements. They provided high visibility to create a feeling of security among the civilian population.

To assume that the CDU was a second-rate army is a mistake. These men and women were not only well trained soldiers, but some described them as urban guerillas. Their battleground was the city and they had the experence and knowhow to operate within it.

The CDU was an army foremost in the mind of the people. They represented law, order, justice, security and strength following the harsh years of the Reconstruction Era. In addition to combat, the CDU worked with citizens to establish a chain of communication, maintain medical and transport facilities, and defensive procedures in the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

As the people's tangible link to the military, the CDU tried to recruit capable, exemplary soldiers. Soldiers who would conduct themselves with restraint, understanding and compassion. The CDU also acted as a capable ground support army, following the Tactical Corps or armored divisions into combat.

Since the CDU often had to operate without the support of the other offensive armies, and because they functioned in a civilian environment, they took advantage of various battloids and power armor.

The CDU utilizes battloids more than any other army. The use of the CBH-6 Unicorn was particularly ideal for an urban environment. The scale of these battloids allowed for superior mobility, protection and power. This was especially important since the CDU was often on its own as the last line of defense, or the only civilian/city defense available during wartime.