Cold Weather Offensive Squad
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Army of the Southern Cross

Cold Weather Offensive Squad was a division of the Army of the Southern Cross that was based in artic or ice tundra wastelands.



Civil Defense Unit's standard armor.

The CWOS was an army specially trained for operation in frigid wastelands and icy tundra. They could be found in and around polar regions and the Scandinavia Quadrant.

These characters were wilderness and survival specialists trained in the frigid wastelands of the Arctic. Their body armour was specifically designed for sub-zero temperatures, along with other environmental hazards. Additional insulation and a heating/cooling system regulated the internal temperature at a steamy, 60 to 70 degrees fahrenheit. The helmet visor was filtered to protect against snow blindness. Also taken into consideration was how night hell quickly in the Arctic, a darkness beyond most urban dweller's comprehension. Thus, a powerful, albeit small light was mounted in the right breastplate of the armour if an operation were to occur in those times. A large searchlight was added into the utility belt, somewhere along the temperature controlled compartments.

The CWOS utilized mecha to some degree. Battloids and all land based mecha into the wilderness. battloids and all land based mecha are too heavy, slow and awkward under Arctic conditions. The giant machines are useful only at a city or military base where they can patrol the perimeter and assist in labour.