Cosmic Unit
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Army of the Southern Cross

The Cosmic Unit was a space-based combat division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Cosmic Unit's standard armor.

If there could be such a thing as space commandos, then the Cosmic Unit were they. These dynamic soldiers were trained to operate in the unusual conditions unique to outerspace. It was the Cosmic Unit who guards and protects the various off-world colonies, outposts and space stations.

The CU soldier was an expert in space combat and a fair pilot. They protect off-world outposts, protect and escort space shuttles, conduct reconnaissance/exploration missions, track down fugitives, and perform missions of rescue and recovery.

To provide this Army with a bit of extra muscle the CU had a few non-transformable power armor designed for use in space. The power armor had a myrid of uses, from manual labour to assault and defense. It had several manoeuvering jets in the front and back that provide it with amazing speed and agility in space.

The CU body armor was also designed for use in outerspace. The soldier could leave the shelter of the spacecraft knowing that his environmental body armor would keep him safe. But the armor was more than just a protective suit; it was a self-propelling unit. Manoeuvering jets in the feet, chest, back, and combat shield, can propel the warrior at speeds of up to 20 mph (32 kph). The jets also allowed for exceptionally fluid movement. The addition of the space booster jet pack just enhanced the overall mobility.