Desert Squad
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Army of the Southern Cross

Desert Squad was the desert division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Desert Squad's standard armor.

The Desert Squad was a ground force that patrolled the vast wastelands and deserts of the world. They were savage fighters who relished the opportunity to engage in combat, especially hand to hand combat. Many of these men and women were ex-mercenaries and people who have eked out a modest living in the harsh, desolate outbacks. Many have fought Zentraedi and bandits; In fact, many were once were bandits. Despite their checkered past, most of the DS were loyal and trustworthy to the overall chain of command.

The Desert Squad troopers were a hard-boiled soldiers who tended to think with his/her fists. Most were used to a hard life and thought little of the bleak existence they endure. It was nearly twenty years since the Zentraedi Grand Fleet laid waste to most of the planet, and still the crater-filled wastelands were slow to return to life. Law and order were unknown in the land scorched by the Zentraedi onslaught. Nomads, hunters, bandits, rogue Zentraedi, and high tech bandits, hid among twisted ruins and shattered earth. it was a harsh world for the Desert Squad.

Preferred EquipmentEdit

Desert Squad battloid pilots assigned the reliable CBH-5 Basilisk, though a few prefer relying on the environment and training as their advantage.