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Donald Maxwell Jr. was a character in Robotech: The New Generation. He was the son of Donald Maxwell Sr., the man behind Maxwell Dynamics, the company behind the AFQ-01 Vandal Drone. When his father passed away, Maxwell Jr. inherited all his possessions, including a handful of prototypes of the Vandal drone. Donald lived in a mansion overlooking a small village somewhere in the Americas. He originally appeared in Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, the series which was adapted into the third "saga" of Robotech.


Early HistoryEdit

After the Invid Invasion, Donald fell into a deep depression. Having squandered most of his father's wealth, he went about seeking ways to regain his fortune. He ran for mayor in the nearby village. When the mountainous region nearby the village became occupied by Invid forces, he came up with a perfect money-making scheme. He began by selling fake maps to gullible, well-heeled travelers on how to get through the treacherous pass to safe haven. His scam was surprisingly successful, allowing him to earn a modest fortune at the cost of a few lives. He fell in love with a drifter he encountered named Carla Morales. Donald lavished her with expensive gifts, most of which Carla was only too glad to accept. She never asked where his wealth came from, until she accidentally discovered the truth. Carla was horrified but refused to say anything, fearing reprisals from her lover.

Gig is UpEdit

When Donald learned that the infamous Yellow Dancer would be performing in his town, he ws ecstatic. Little did he know that Yellow was actually Lancer, part of Scott Bernard's group of freedom fighters. After they found out about Donald's scam, they confronted him, eventually forcing him to quit before he does any more harm to innocent people. Carla, whom Dennis was madly in love with, told him he was leaving him to go with Lancer. Upset by these turn of events, Dennis fell into depression yet again. When he learned a sizeable Invid force was about to intercept Carla and Lancer's group, he launched his Vandal Drones, sacrificing them to save her and her friend's lives. Carla saw this, and had a change of heart. She bid Lancer farewell and ran straight back into Donald's arms.