The Mars Division fleet.

Admiral Hunter has called on us to spearhead a vast military operation with the firm intention to invade and reclaim our ancestral homeland.

Scott Bernard's Commander

Earth Reclamation Forces was an extensive military action established by the Robotech Expeditionary Forces (REF) under the authority of Admiral Rick Hunter's Mars Base. Many believe the ERF/EDE's formation was in response to the invasion of Earth by the Invid, when it actually began during the Second Robotech War. Admiral Rick Hunter cared greatly about his ancestral homeland, he personally oversaw planning and execution of the Earth Defense Expedition program.

Mission OverviewEdit

Stage 1 involved sending relief forces to assist in the defense of Earth, under seize from the Robotech Masters, although the enemy was unknown to REF command at that time. The renowned Wolf Pack participated in this mission under the command of the infamous Colonel Jonathan Wolfe.

Stage 2 was the establishment of the Mars Staging Grounds and advance attack base Point K, in anticipation for the coming Invid Invasion of Earth. Both were expected to play crucial roles in reinforcing the REF and UEF that planned to remain on Earth, and to retake the planet should the worse case scenaro take place.

Stages 3 and 4 were massive Space Battalion operations to invade and regain control of the Earth, it would result in two missions involving a large number of Robotech forces utilizing advance weapon systems. Scott Bernard, of the doomed 1st (Mars) Division, participated in the initial reconnaissance offensive.

Fleet StrengthEdit

The Second Robotech WarEdit

  • The Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) had learned the Earth was under siege by extraterrestrials for the second time in human history, Recon-1 was sent to evaluate the situation and notify Earth that more REF forces could not be mobilized at that time. Admiral Rick Hunter personally took charge of relief operations, arranging for Transport Squadron 85 to transport supplies, personnel and light mecha to Earthspace and under the Army of the Southern Cross' (ASC) command.

After the Invid InvasionEdit

1st Mars DivisionEdit

  • The 21st Combat Squadron, Mars Division, which included Scott Bernard, was one of the most advance fleets in the fleet, sent to Earth.

The Final AssaultEdit

  • No Combat Squadrons specified, aside from the bulk of Mars Base's newly outfitted fleet being involved.

Assembled Task ForcesEdit

  • Earth Relief Force (2029)
  • 1st Earth Reclamation Force (2031)
    • Failed in its mission and was destroyed.
  • 2nd Earth Reclamation Force (2042)
    • Failed in its mission and was destroyed.
  • 3rd Earth Reclamation Force (2044)

Ships of the Earth Defense ExpeditionEdit

Stage 1 Forces (Reinforcements vs Masters)Edit

Stage 2 Forces (After the Invid Invasion)Edit

Stage 3 Forces (1st Mars Division)Edit

Stage 4 Forces (The Final Assault)Edit