General Questions

What is Robotech Visions Wiki?

Robotech Visions Wiki is a free resource center for the Robotech Visions universe, and has no relation to the officially sanctioned continuity.

When and why was Robotech Visions Wiki created?

Robotech Visions Wiki was started on 04 August 2014 by User:Mechachap and User:Rtsurfer as a project that would enrich the Robotech Visions continuity and continue the tradition of having fans expand Robotech. They felt that Robotech has a rich enough universe that could not only stand alone from its original source material, but could also be greatly expanded beyond the "officially-sanctioned" material.

Is Robotech Visions' universe considered fanon?

Technically, yes. While the base information and statistics is culled from various fan-initiated sources and technical guides such as The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide (written by Pieter Thomassen, Peter Walker, Robert Morgenstern, and many others), the overall fiction will be overseen by the administrators. What people have to remember is that Robotech's own officially sanctioned "canon" is also taken from the same sources. In fact, some time in early 2000's, many of these same names that worked on the Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide were officially hired to build up the current "officially santioned" continuity.

Why have you decided not to list any official Robotech material produced after 2000?

Robotech Visions Wiki is not meant to be a comprehensive resource of the series' history. The inclusion of official material produced after 2000 may conflict with the setting and intent of the Robotech Visions' universe. If you wish for a full listing of Robotech merchandise produced after 2000, go to Robotech's official wiki page.

Where exactly does Robotech Visions' universe's base its information?

Due to the troublesome nature of Robotech being a loose adaptation of three separate Japanese animated series, most of this wiki's information was taken from series dialogue, and visual cues (Animation errors depend on a case by case basis). As mentioned earlier, information for this fan setting was also taken from various secondary fan sources like the The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide (uRRG) and the Original Source Material (OSM).

Who owns Robotech Visions Wiki?

Robotech Visions Wiki is hosted by Wikia, a free wiki hosting service operated by Wikia, Inc., a for-profit organization founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley. However, the Robotech Visions wiki content, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, is not "owned" by anyone unless it is new material written specifically by the author.

How can I contact the project?

You can visit the Robotech Visions Facebook page and send us a message.

Can I contribute?

Yes, preferably on information regarding Classic Robotech. Certain pages will be restricted from editing, and anonymous will be monitored. Please be reminded that the Robotech Visions wiki does not include material after 2000. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

Legal Questions

Is Robotech Visions Wiki copyrighted?

Yes, all contributions are copyrighted by the authors. This means that if the administrators edit an article, they hold copyright for the edits they made.

Can I use Robotech Visions Wiki content on my site/elsewhere?

Depends. Most of our images are copyrighted and are used under the fair use clause for identification purposes, and using them for other purposes or in countries where fair use conditions do not apply may be illegal. If you wish to copy text, it would be preferable to contact the administrators for permission. You cannot license it on other conditions or put it in the public domain.

Technical Questions

What wiki software does Robotech Visions Wiki use?

Robotech Visions wiki (and the rest of Wikia) uses MediaWiki, the same software as Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. Wikia also uses some third-party extensions, which are available to all hosted wikis. The exact details can be found at Special:Version.

Where should I report technical issues?

If they are indeed technical (like the site being down, or weird error messages) and not something within the users control (like templates), you can report them to the Wikia support channel on IRC, #wikia.

Continuity Questions

Are Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Love, Live, Alive, and its spinoffs part of Visions canon?

No. Visions will have its own alternate take of the events depicted in those "official" works if the project leaders ever get around to doing them.

What is the status of the official Robotech works prior to 2000?

The many comics, failed animated spinoffs, novels and games made before 2000 are not part of Visions canon. Still, those works will be listed on the wikia, as part of the Classic Robotech label. The reason being that those work hold some historical and nostalgic value to many fans who grew up with the series, in particular the Jack McKinney novelizations.

Why did Visions decide to use the original Mospeada vehicle designations for the Alpha Fighter instead of what has been previously established?

This was mostly due to distinguishe Robotech Visions continuity from the current "official" Robotech continuity.

Did Vanessa Leeds die during the final battle on New Macross City?

No comment.

Community Questions

Can I become an administrator?

Administrators hold much power, but also have much responsibility. There are a number of prerequisites for becoming an administrator, and whether or not a nomination succeeds largely depends on what other the administrators think of you.

Who defines the policies?

The policies are determined by the administrators: this is technically a fanon wiki, so please don't vandalize articles if you happen to not agree with the content, or find it objectionable.

How can I contact an administrator?

Just as you would contact any other user: by leaving a message on their talk page. If you have no preference for a specific administrator.