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Army of the Southern Cross

The Global Military Police (GMP) was the law enforcement and internal intelligence wing of the United Earth Forces. A highly secretive organization, the GMP reported directly to the supreme commander of the Army of the Southern Cross.

They were responsible for maintaining discipline within the military forces of the United Earth Government and also made security checks of all personnel. In addition, they provided internal and external intelligence. The most elite division of the Government's military profile, the GMP often acts on its own without the approval or knowledge of their superiors.



Global Military Police's standard armor.

The GMP was a powerful intelligence agency that operated within, and outside of, the United Earth Forces. It was the only, truly worldwide, law enforcement agency that kept tight rein on all global powers, including the Army of the Southern Cross. As a sort of big brother, the GMP, under the special Robotech Research and Development department, cast a watchful eye on those who have access to robotechnology and high technology. To effectively do this the GMP had its own war machinery, combat forces and intelligence network. The elite soldiers of the GMP were answerable only to officers within that branch of the service, the supreme commander of the Southern Cross and the scrutiny of the United Earth Government.

The Global Military Police possessed top security clearance and had access to all conventional arms, armour, equipment and vehicles, including the hover cycle and other hover craft. Special items exclusive to the GMP included their Security mecha and the GMP Multi-purpose Battloid. Although the Military Police often acted on their own volition without the approval or knowledge of their superiors. The attitudes of these elite soldiers were that of superiority, cunning and secretiveness. For this reason the soldiers of the Army tend to view the GMP with suspicion and contempt. If all the other armies were brothers of the same military fraternity, the GMP was the sly, lone wolf.

The Global Military Police were basically military specialists, highly trained in combat and espionage. Most of the GMP's training revolved around intelligence, tracking fugitives, infiltrating enemy strongholds, and clandestine operations.