Ikazuchi-class Large Cruiser
Production information

Super Dimension Large Cruiser

Technical specifications

614.12 meters


134.72 meters


154.84 meters

Engine unit(s)

RRG Mk16 protoculture-fueled Reflex furnace

Fold capable

Not capable

  • 8 x Vickers MP-18 particle gun turrets
  • 8 x PL-2a Point Defense turrets
  • 2 x Mk.253 MLS missile systems

2 years




Robotech Expeditionary Force

The Ikazuchi-class Large Cruiser was the successor of the Izum-class Large Cruiser, was often referred to as the Ikazuchi, and formed the backbone of the later Robotech Expeditionary Force fleet. Equipped with effective anti-ship beam cannons, a number of long range Alpha/Beta fighter combinations and over 140 Alpha close-in defense fighters, the class only lacks a substantive close-in defensive armament, as all later Expeditionary Force vessels do to some extent. The cannons installed on the Ikazuchi are too few to beat off a determined Invid attack. This vessel was featured in the series Robotech: The New Generation.

Technology and Combat CharacteristicsEdit

The Ikazuchi had a narrow profile that appears hourglass shaped from the front of the vessel. Six reaction engines were in the back, and the ship was commanded from a command superstructure on top of the upper deck. The eight cannons of the main armament are also located on the upper deck, and the defensive Alpha veritech fighters are launched from six quick-response bays set into the flanks. Horizont dropships and other mecha launch from the hangars amidships on the three lowest decks.


As the standard capital ship of the Expeditionary Force during the latter part of the Third Robotech War, the Ikazuchi-class saw much service over Earth and elsewhere. Among other duties, an Ikazuchi-class vessel was docked to each of the Neutron-S Missiles to ensure their safety and correct use. Many of the class fell in combat with the Invid.

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