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Sociocultural characteristics

Optera (Second homeworld)



The Invid were a hive mind consisting of invertebrate, bipedal, crab-like creatures that had a strong connection with the Invid Flower of Life. Their supreme leader was the Invid Regess, a powerful creature that exhibited female traits. It was not known where they originally came from, though it was stated that their world had been devastated by the Robotech Masters eons prior. Optera was their second homeworld. Enraged by the devastation and suffering wrought unto them, the sedate and agrarian Invid militarized and began obsessing with genetic manipulation, evolving and waiting when they could strike back against their enemies. The unleashed rage of the Invid proved deadly after the Robotech Masters fell on Earth during the Second Robotech War, and the rest of the empire was slowly conquered. These events would later encompass the Third Robotech War.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Invid were often seen in mecha form. They were generally insectine in appearance, with single scanner eyes and favoring claw-like pincers for melee attack. Energy weapons included in the front-line designs, including all mecha of the Regent's army, were of the plasma variety, firing "annihilation discs" that behave like energy frisbees. Specialized mecha developed by the Regess' forces during the occupation of Earth slightly diverged from this weapon scheme while retaining the signature eye scanner.


The Invid were led by the Regess. Little was known of the species. It was said the Regess was completely devoted to the Flower of Life and its ability to manipulate genetic structure for her evolution experiments. While willing to engage in near-merciless conflict in the short term, she viewed evolution as a path to move beyond slaughter in the longer term and aspired to reach a stage of evolution where the Invid might recapture the idyllic life that was once theirs.

The lesser counterpart of the Regess was the Regent. Less interested in evolution, the Regent was cared only for revenge against those that have wronged his species. His path was not transformation but annihilation, devoting himself to the destruction of the Masters' race.