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Army of the Southern Cross

Louie Nichols was a character in Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Eddie Frierson. He enjoyed tinkering with mechanical objects would later be known for developing the Pupil Pistol, a revolutionary device that helped the war effort against the Robotech Masters. He was one of few surviving members of the 15th ATAC Squad. He would continue on fighting the remnants of the Robotech Masters forces on Earth, before evacuting the planet completely by the time the Invid invade. He was originally named Louis Ducasse in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


Louie Nichols was endlessly fascinated by technology, and would usually be found tweaking and tinkering with his equipment. He abhorred the idea of his inventions being used for killing though, which seemed unusual given his chosen profession. He was a decent Hovertanker, and a competent marksman. Smart, brave, and with smarmy sense of humor, Louie Nichols was an invaluable member of the 15th ATAC Squad.


Alien TechnologyEdit

“Ah, but you see, Lieutenant, I just like machines, period. Machines can be made to do anything that humans can’t do. Someday I’ll make a machine that enhances life by supplementing all human inadequacies, thereby creating an ideal society.”

—Louie Nichols to Dana Sterling

Louie Nichols was a mechanical and computer genius who was the lead technical support within the 15th Squad. He assisted in the analysis of the first captured Bioroid alongside Dr. Miles Cochrane. He was particularly interested in the manueverability of the alien bioroid's technology, and helped in figuring out some of the alien mecha's more complicated systems.

Pupil PistolsEdit


Louie loves playing with his equipment.

Later, Louie develops a special targetting system while trying to improve his performance in a video game. His special goggles allowed him to break previous record holders, which impressed her commanding officer, Dana Sterling. When an engineer, Major Cromwell and his associate of the Robotech Research Group, see his modifications, they convince him to develop it to advance training of new troops.

Unbeknownst to Louie, in actuality, he was designing a new targeting system for the refit of the VHT-1 Spartas Hover Tank to improve its fighting ability against the Bioroids. Louie, disgusted by these developments, grabs a flamethrower, ready to burn his creation. However, Zor Prime manages to remind him of the sacrifices of war, and talks him down from his rage.

In WonderlandEdit

While inside the Robotech Masters mothership, Louie, and his commanding officer, Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant manage to sneak around in disguise. Louie found the entire affair very curious, and seemed to enjoy studying the alien technology the Masters. He would later try to knock out the main Protoculture mainframe of the ship, only to be knocked out unconscious by its defensive mechanism.


Louie and a handful of the 15th Squad survived the Battle of Monument City. He and thousands present could only stare at the the spores of the Invid Flower of Life spread from the ruins of the SDF-1. The battle was far from over.