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Look, I don't understand anything that has to do with politics, but I do know the only way we'll survive this is to pull together.

—Lynn Minmei

Lynn Minmei was a primary character in Robotech: The Macross Saga and was voiced by Rebecca Forstadt. She was an influential figure on board the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) and the catalyst for the defection of the Commander Breetai and his fellow Zentraedi. She had a complicated relationship with Rick Hunter and was the romantic rival of Lisa Hayes. She would later have a relationship with Jonathan Wolfe following the Second Robotech War. She was originally called Lynn Minmay in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first "saga" of Robotech.


As a precocious 15 year-old, Lynn Minmei nonetheless came one of the most influential figures of the First Robotech War. Minmei's personality was that of any teenage girl, fun-loving, playful, full of dreams and hopes that she may realize some day. After their initial encounter during the start of the First Robotech War, Rick Hunter built a deep infatuation on her that grew throughout the series. But after Minmei won the Miss Macross Beauty Pageant contest and became a distant pop idol, his feelings for her changed, as she became too involved not only in the popular culture, but as a symbol of the human struggle against the Zentraedi. Minmei also displayed insecurity and doubts about her attraction toward Rick and her cousin Lynn Kyle.


Zentraedi IncursionEdit


The ravishing Minmei, in yet another performance of her hit song, "To Be In Love"

Prior to the First Robotech War, Minmei stayed with her Aunt Lina and Uncle Max on Macross Island, where she looked after her young cousin, Jason. The sudden attack by the Zentraedi literally came to the restaurant’s front doorstep, as Minmei was caught in the midst of the fight only to be rescued by a young amateur pilot named Rick Hunter. However, when he tried to return her to her family, the two were swept out into deep space along with the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross (SDF-1) and Macross Island during the hyperspace fold. Finding refuge within the confines of the immense battlefortress, Rick and Minmei began a romantic relationship that founditself tested in many different ways as the war with the Zentraedi raged on.

Upon their rescue, Minmei remained relentlessly upbeat, and convinced her aunt and uncle to reopen their Chinese restaurant. This act served to inspire other refugees into returning to a sense of normalcy while on the long voyage back to Earth. Minmei was also able to snap Rick out of his doldrums and helped inspire him to join the Robotech Defense Force.

Miss MacrossEdit

The mayor had entered me without even asking!

—Lynn Minmei


Minmay remained a big pop idol well after the First Robotech War.

Minmei, who had dreamt of being an entertainer, found herself entered as a contestant in the Miss Macross Beauty Pageant. Against all odds, she won and subsequently was launched into a career as a singer. By the time the SDF-1 returns to Earth, she had become a bona fide pop star. She also starred in the film "Little White Dragon", to further capitalize on her fame.

Her sudden celebrity combined with Rick’s military obligations forced them to put their relationship on hold. Though at several points each tries to rekindle their initial attraction, their efforts are overshadowed by the First Robotech War. During the final showdown against the Zentraedi Grand Fleet, Minmei and Rick were able to join forces in a manner of sorts as she sang the inspirational anthem “We Will Win” while Rick lead the SDF-1’s veritech fighters into the battle.

Love TriangleEdit

During the Reconstruction Era, Minmei toured the new communities and helped with humanitarian relief and morale boosting. As this period went on, Minmei’s relationship with Rick is further complicated by the emergence of Lisa Hayes as a love interest as well as the machinations of her cousin and erstwhile manager Lynn Kyle. The love triangle of Rick, Minmei and Lisa came to a dramatic conclusion in the aftermath of the battle on New Macross City. Each party reconciled their differences, with Lisa wish Minmei a long and fruitful career.


Minmei continued to live her life as a celebrity and humanitarian on Earth. She hired the former Zentraedi spies, Bron, Konda and Rico to assist as roadies in her concert performances. She dedicated her life to her music, and lived a happy life until the beginning of Second Robotech War. She falls for the dashing Jonathan Wolfe, before being forcibly evacuated from the planet following the Invid Invasion.

Hit SongsEdit

Throughout Minmei's career, she had several hit "songs" that are considered classics well until the Third Robotech War.

  • My Time to Be a Star
  • To Be in Love
  • We Will Win
  • The Man in My Life
  • The Right Move



  • Original design is by character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto.
  • Voice actress Rebecca Forstadt's original screen name was Reba West.
  • Rebecca Forstadt wasn't a classically trained singer, and had to be intoxicated to sing a number of tracks for the series.
  • Macross creators Haruhiko Mikimoto and Shōji Kawamori have stated that Minmay's popularity in both sides of the war was partially inspired by the song Lili Marleen, a German love song which was popular on both sides during World War II.
  • In several Classic Robotech works, most notably Robotech II: The Sentinels and its comic adaptation, Lynn Minmei was depicted as having never moved on from her infatuation with Rick Hunter. She foolishly attempted to follow Hunter during the Pioneer Mission, where she was promptly turned down. She later opens a club on Tirol, and has a relationship with Jonathan Wolfe and T.R. Edwards. Her fate remains unknown after the Third Robotech War.

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