A renegade Zentraedi base were usually built on the husks of downed warships.

So much desolation. So much bitterness. Even from people that should have learned to love each other a long time ago.

Lynn Minmei, Pop Idol

The Malcontent Uprisings, otherwise known as the Zentraedi Rebellion, were a series of conflicts between humans and Zentraedi on Earth which began years after the end of the First Robotech War. The first instigators of this conflict were Khyron and Azonia.


Many in the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) presumed that the defeat of Khyron on New Macross City would've led to a decrease in violent conflict with disenfranchised Zentraedi. Instead, the opposite happened. As more and more of the local Zentraedi population began militarizing once more in the Zentraedi Control Zones, pressure was put on the RDF by he fragile United Earth Government (UEG) to keep the situation in check. They assigned Task Force Southern Cross to keep the peace, which at the time, was mostly composed of veteran Destroid and Veritech pilots. The conflict that ensued against these Malcontents would be a blood and savage one, but the undermanned and underfunded troops of the Southern Cross prevailed, thanks in part to the brilliant tactics and strategies of Colonel Anatole Leonard. Leonard's operation command expanded soon after, and his victories gave him better political clout with the UEG and RDF command. This would later lead to the rise of the Army of the Southern Cross.


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