Marie Crystal
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Army of the Southern Cross

“Let's put these whirly-birds through their paces!”

—Lt. Marie Crystal

Marie Crystal was an pilot of the Tactical Armored Space Corps and was featured in Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Barbara Goodson. She was considered an ace of the Army of the Southern Cross and shared a rivalry with Dana Sterling of the 15th ATAC Squad. She developed a solid camaraderie with fellow pilot Dennis Brown, leader of the Black Lions Squadron. She was one of the survivors of the Second Robotech War, and evacuated Earth when the Invid invaded. She had a complicated relationship with Sean Phillips, after the latter saved her in battle. She was originally named Mary Angel in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.



Marie Crystal enjoying the evening air.

Lt. Marie Crystal has earned the reputation as a warrior that would win the battle at any cost. She doesn't take kindly to childishness of any kind, and will gladly kick someone in the face if they get in her way. She was known as an "amazon" by some of her peers, a term she personally dislikes. She was easily jealous, and tends to act out in a dramatic fashion when it comes to matters of the heart. She has taken a personal rivalry with Dana Sterling and considers her squad, the 15th ATAC, to be a joke. This feud has led to more than one brawl in the past. Over time however, Marie grew to respect Dana.



Marie falls for Sean Phillips.

Squadron leader within the Tactical Armored Space Corps, Marie proved to be a competent leader and fighter. Prior to the outbreak of the Second Robotech War, she was sent to aid in the defense of Space Station Liberty using the then-experimental AGACS. She proved herself yet again after taking command of the defense while trying to re-establish the link between Earth and Space Station Liberty. She was proud to be selected as part of the First Offensive against the Robotech Masters.

She would later lead the returning forces from Moon Base ALICE and save Chief-of-Staff Rolf Emerson's relief fleet from certain destruction, becoming a hero of Earth. She was injured in an attack by the Robotech Masters but was fortunately saved by Sean Phillips.