Maury Komodo
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Army of the Southern Cross

If those Generals would give me command, I would knock those aliens out of the sky!

—Captain Komodo, Civil Defense Unit

Maury Komodo was a character in Robotech: The Masters, and was part of the Army of the Southern Cross during the Second Robotech War. He inadvertently started the Second Robotech War after personally shooting at the Robotech Masters' forces and defying the orders of Chief-of-Staff Rolf Emerson. He had had a long-time crush with Global Military Police officer Nova Satori. He was originally in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


Captain Komodo was a hot-headed and rather incompetent officer of the Civil Defense Unit. His hot-blooded nature dragged the Army of the Southern Cross into war with the Robotech Masters.


In the beginning of the Second Robotech War, Captain Komodo led the missile defense of Monument City. He became impatient as command waited to contact the incoming Robotech Masters' motherships. Without authorization, he open fired when he spotted incoming alien shuttles approaching his sector.

Despite his gruff exterior, Captain Komodo is a shy, introverted weirdo that has a deep infatuation with Global Military Police officer Nova Satori. He enlisted Dana Sterling in trying to woo his love, which turned out to be a big mistake. Nova saw through the scheme and callously dismissed poor Komodo.

Prior to the Second Offensive against the Robotech Masters, Nova has a change of heart and humors poor Komodo. It is not known whether he survived the assault.