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Maximillian Sterling, otherwise known as Max Sterling, was voiced by the fabulous Cam Clarke (credited as "Jimmy Flinders" at the time), and was a character in Robotech: The Macross Saga. He was a young fighter pilot assigned to Rick Hunter's various commands (Black Group, Vermillion Squadron, and Skull Squadron) along with Ben Dixon. He was 19 years old at the beginning of the the First Robotech War and was easily recognized by his blue hair and glasses. His unassuming personality belied his deadly prowess as the Super Dimension Fortress-1 Macross’ most renowned Veritech pilot. Max was preternaturally talented with near-perfect fighting judgment. He was widely recognized to be the most dangerous Veritech combat pilot in the entire Robotech universe. He married his rival Miriya Parina Sterling and had a child, Dana Sterling. He was known as Maximillian Jenius in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, the series which was adapted into the first "saga" of Robotech.


Early LifeEdit

Orphaned during the Global War, Max nonetheless had an avid interest in flying and military technology, although he originally had no interest in joining the military. Like many of the civilians stranded aboard the battlefortress, Max volunteered for the effort to rebuild Macross City inside the ship. Due to boredom, both he and Ben Dixon volunteered for the SDF-1's military forces and began training as veritech pilots several months later.

Micronian AceEdit

Umm...Glad were going to be on the same team. I'm Corporal Max Sterling, sir. Call me Max. I'm very inexperienced and might be needing a lot of help.

—Max Sterling


Max Sterling confronts a Zentraedi guard.

Max wasted little time distinguishing himself among both his fellow RDF pilots and their Zentraedi adversaries, as he notched nine confirmed kills in his first combat sortie in his trademark blue VF-1. Max was recognized as a true aviation prodigy, and his potential earned the attention of Roy Fokker, the SDF-1’s air group commander, who then assigned both Max and Ben to the newly created Vermillion group under the command of Lt. Rick Hunter. In the course of the war, Max's skills were put to an ultimate test of survival during a reconnaissance mission that the Vermillion Group undertook to scout Zentraedi targets. After escaping capture by Zentraedi under the command of Breetai, he infiltrated Breetai's battleship in his Veritech and disguised it with a Zentraedi uniform. Max then helped Rick and Ben pilot a Zentraedi battlepod back to the SDF-1.

His fighting prowess eventually gained the attention of Zentraedi Quadrano ace Miriya Parina, who then sought him out in a furious battle that found its way into the streets of Macross City. Unbeknown to Max, his defeat of the Zentraedi force’s finest pilot made him marked for death by Miriya, who becomes so obsessed with finding him that she has herself micronized to human size in order to infiltrate the SDF-1 in an effort to find him. After several near encounters, Max and Miriya finally confronted each other in a video game clash at an arcade. Max again defeated Miriya and Miriya concluded (correctly) that Max was the pilot who had bested her in real combat. As Miriya stormed off in anger, Max grabbed her wrist and asked her to go out with him on a date. Miriya accepted, although she secretly plotted to assassinate him when they meet.

Knight Fight ExpertEdit

Geez, it's getting late. I hope she's all right. I can't believe I asked her to meet me here, in the park. A girl, at night - she could get mugged or something...

—Max Sterling


Max loves playing videogames during off-duty.

Max, after consulting with his friend Rick Hunter about what he should wear, arrives at the park where he eagerly awaited Miriya's arrival. Hiding in the bushes, Miriya drew a knife and ran towards Max proclaiming: "Maximillian, prepare for your doom!" and threw the knife at him. Despite the surprise, Max was able to dodge Miriya's first attack and the knife buried itself in a tree. Miriya revealed that she was a Zentraedi warrior and that her mission was to take revenge against him, prompting Max to say "There goes our first date." Drawing a second knife, she continued to swing and thrust at Max, who struggled to dodge her attacks. Max managed to pull the first knife out of the tree and after a short, and wonderfully animated fight, Max managed to disarm her and pointed the knife at her face while proudly proclaiming "I guess I win again." Beaten for a third time, Miriya became emotionally despondent and her anger and hatred gave way to depression. She fell to her knees, and asked a now shocked Max to kill her. Crying, Miriya believed she could notlive with the shame of being defeated and that her only option now to die by his hand. Yet despite all that has just occurred, Max put his finger under Miriya's chin and said that he could never harm her because she was "so beautiful". Max and Miriya looked into each other's eyes and Miriya realized that the feelings that Max has awoken within her were not of hate but of love and the two, after seeming floating in air towards each other, passionately kiss. Max wiped a tear from Miriya's cheek and, although he admitted it sounds crazy, asked Miriya to marry him. Miriya accepted, even though she had no idea what marriage was and despite the fact that the two have only been in love for a few moments.


It's something that no words can describe. Miriya, it's love, and that's the most beautiful thing there is.

—Max Sterling to Miriya Parina

Later, Max meets with Rick Hunter to explain what has transpired as well as his plans to marry Miriya. Rick, after spitting out his coffee in surprise, initially objected to Max's plans to marry Miriya and ridiculed them as "silly idealism". Rick asked, aside from the fact that he and Miriya have only been on one date, what a human and a Zentraedi could possibly have in common. Max vigorously defended his plan to marry Miriya and introduced her to Rick. Rick, after seeing Miriya in a pink dress, was amazed at how beautiful she was and he suddenly changed his mind. Rick even agrees to help them with their wedding plans.

The two former rivals, now completely in love despite their rocky start, were married the very same day, using the same knives they fought with to cut the cake at a huge ceremony attended by all their friends and broadcast on television across the SDF-1. Captain Henry Gloval even spoke at the wedding to congratulate the two lovers and to call for peace between the two races. Even the Zentraedi observe the wedding by way of intercepted television signals, and many, including Breetai and Exedore, watch with curiosity. Many Zentraedi, after watching the wedding and joy that it has brought to the two lovers, became even more attracted to the human way of life and further question their current austere lives as warriors.


The happy couple and their wedding cake.

As the first marriage between a human and a Zentraedi, the union of Max and Miriya became an unlikely symbol of peace and understanding during the First Robotech War. The wedding was interrupted by a massive Zentraedi attack as Breetai was ordered by Dolza to send his entire fleet to destroy the SDF-1. Max and Miriya race off to battle, with Miriya insisted that Max take her with him in his veritech fighter. Miriya showed Max how to disable Zentraedi power armor without killing the pilots, a tactic which was then utilized by the SDF-1's forces. This development, combined with their increased exposure to human emotions and culture (which was amplified by seeing Miriya, their greatest warrior, get married to a human) caused a wave of mutinies to spread through the Zentraedi fleet as soldiers refused to fight and turn against their superiors, forcing Breetai to call a truce. Thus, Max's decision to spare Miriya's life not only led to his marriage to his former rival but also saved the lives of everyone aboard the SDF-1 Afterwards, Miriya became Max's wingmate on duty, piloting a distinctive red VF-1 alongside Max's blue one. The two were almost always together, even in battle, under their personal Green Squadron. In the final battle against Dolza's Grand Fleet, the two fight side by side in their veritechs. Despite the seemingly impossible odds they face, they smile at each as they engage the enemy fleet.

After the WarEdit

During the Reconstruction Era, Max and Miriya settled down in New Macross City to begin a new life together. In October 2012, Miriya gave birth to a daughter, Dana Sterling, the first child born from a Human/Zentraedi union. Max, now aged 22, became a proud and happy father, despite Dana's playfulness with his hair and her midnight feedings. Max and Miriya were seen happily walking together while pushing a baby carriage. They stopped for a moment and Max, proudly smiling, lifted little Dana out of the carriage and into his arms as Miriya watched with joy. Max then made a funny face and Dana smiles in response. Max and Miriya's happy marriage and their baby daughter become the envy of Lisa Hayes and Claudia Grant.

With his new family, Max was happier than he had ever been before and Miriya, despite her previous life as a ruthless Zentraedi warrior, proves to be a happy and loving mother, who showed as much love and caring for her child as any human mother could. Both look forward to raising their daughter in a peaceful world, but the start of the Zentraedi rebellions in March 2013 and the reemergence of Khyron and Azonia forced Max and Miriya to resume their military roles as commanders of Green Squadron, as the dream of a peaceful world soon comes crashing down.

Capturing the Factory SatelliteEdit


The unfortunate domestication of Miriya Parina Sterling.

In June 2013, Max and Miriya took part in an important mission into deep space to capture the last remaining Zentraedi Factory Satellite. The mission proved highly unorthodox when Admiral Henry Gloval asks them to bring Dana (who was only eight months old) along. However, the plan soon became clear. After Breetai's ship defolds near the factory, Max and Miriya take off in their Veritech fighters and blast their way into the enemy command ship. Immediately surrounded by Zentraedi soldiers, Commander Reno ordered them to surrender. However, Miriya calmly reached into her fighter and lifts little Dana into view. Dana, cradled in Miriya's arms and wearing a tiny pink and white spacesuit was an object of terror to the hostile Zentraedi, who have had no exposure to human culture and have never seen a baby before. The surrounding Zentraedi soldiers recoil in shock and fear while Max smiled as Miriya explained that their child was "actually created inside my own body - but by both of us" as she indicated towards him. The hostile Zentraedi concluded Dana was a mutation who was contagious and fled in terror. This threw the command ship's crew into chaos which causes disorder throughout the enemy fleet, allowing the United Earth Forces to seize the factory.

Khyron's RevengeEdit

In December 2013, Max and Miriya, and Green Squadron, joined in the attempt to stop Khyron as he steals a Protoculture Storage Matrix from New Macross City. However, after Khyron detonated bombs hidden throughout the city, they were forced to turn back to help rescue civilians from the resulting fires. Despite the misery that occurs so close to Christmas, Max and Miriya happily stood on their balcony later that night and watch the SDF-1 lit up with Christmas lights. Once again smiling, Max placed one arm around his wife and with the other lifts little Dana, who was initially startled onto his shoulder. Dana then started pulling on Max's hair while giggling, causing Max to grumble in response.

In January 2014, Max and Miriya again fought alongside Rick Hunter in the final battle against Khyron and rebel Zentraedi forces. However, despite their efforts, Khyron was still able to steer his warship in a suicide run against the SDF-1, destroying it and rendering New Macross City uninhabitable due to the radioactive fallout from the ships' destruction. Like Rick, Max and Miriya were devastated by the loss of their friends but find the strength to carry on.

Robotech Expeditionary ForceEdit

In December 2022, Max and Miriya joined their friends Rick and Lisa Hayes-Hunter aboard the SDF-3 as part of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF). Max and Miriya hoped that the deep space mission would be over quickly but events would keep the SDF-3 away from Earth for the rest of Dana's childhood. Dana Sterling eventually becomes one who first graduates from the United Earth Forces Military Academy, following in the footsteps of her parents.


Their child, Dana Sterling, would later become a leading figure in the Second Robotech War pitting the United Earth Forces, including the elite Army of the Southern Cross against the Robotech Masters when they arrive in Earth orbit in 2029. Like her parents, Dana proved to be a skilled pilot and played a critical role in saving humanity from alien threats. Dana also inherited her parents' strength and perseverance, as well as their tactical instincts. Her playfulness, while adorable as a child, became nearly intolerable for many ranked officers though, who saw her as a disgrace to her parentage.

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