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Global Military Police

If they survive, they will throw the whole lot in the brig!

—Nova Satori

Nova Satori was an officer within the Global Military Police and was a primary character in Robotech: The Masters, where she was voiced by Edie Mirman. She acted as as Col. Alan Fredericks' adjutant, and was one of the highest ranking officers of the department. character in Robotech: The Masters. She was initially infatuated with the mysterious Zor Prime. She later tried to have a relationship with Dennis Brown, a pilot of the Tactical Armored Space Corps. She was originally named Lana Isavia in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.


Nova was one of the youngest military police officers serving the Global Military Police (GMP), and one of the highest-ranking. Like Marie Crystal, she was quite different from the rambunctious Dana Sterling, taking her duties very seriously and allowing no compromises regarding protocol and regulations. Her rivalry with Dana can be viewed as a subtle game of "cat and mouse." In the beginning of the series, Nova appears colder and less personable towards those around her. But as the Second Robotech War progresses, it is revealed that she is an even bigger romantic than even Dana. Her military training eventually conflicts with her passionate emotions, and she is forced to choose between her duty to the United Earth Government and her friendship with the 15th ATAC Squad.


Part of her job as a junior officer of the Global Military Police (GMP) was to keep a close eye on the miscreants in the 15th ATAC Squad, arresting Dana for the brawl at the space port with Marie's squadron and Bowie Grant for being at off-limits bars playing piano. She was a stickler for rules, yet lost her composure over Zor Prime. She revealed military secrets during her debriefing with him. She rejected Captain Komodo after he tried to introduce himself to her. Over time, she loosened up and eventually helped out the members of the 15th Squad bring the war to its resolution. She helped lead the clone population of the doomed Robotech Masters' ship to safety after they were written off by their leaders.

Along the way, she developed an affection for the pilot Dennis Brown. Their relationship failed to blossom however, after the end of the war. Nova would instead busy herself with her duties in the GMP.