Recon Escort Patrol
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Army of the Southern Cross

The Recon Escort Patrol was the reconnaisance and escort division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Recon Escort Patrol's standard armor.

The Recon Escort Patrol was a highly specialized army responsible for penetrating the enemy line to gather intelligence and provide support for tactical and covert operations. Consequently, the REP often worked with the Tactical Corps and Global Military Police (GMP), as special teams. They were trained to operate in all environments including space, but most operations are ground-based.

The REP's area of expertise is simple, "locate, identify and neutralize the enemy". The escort aspect of operations means that a REP. team will accompany an individual, squadron or convoy; scouting ahead to make certain that any enemies in the area are located, identified and neutralized before they can harm the target of the escort.

The REP troops were usually described as a tough, cunning, fighting machine that can live off the land and engage the enemy. As previously stated, these soldiers were  assigned to protect and escort individuals or operations which are likely to be targets of enemy assault. The REP also engaged in long range reconnaissance patrols and hunter-killer missions to provide intelligence for other army units. Although an REP soldier may be assigned to a special team that uses mecha, and readily acknowledged the usefulness of the giant machines, he himself, will not pilot mecha. Recon operations require becoming part of the land. To move swiftly and silently through the underbrush, something you cannot do with mecha.