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The Robotech Masters was a race of technologically advanced Tirolians that were previously responsible for the great Robotech Empire many eons prior. Through Protoculture, they mastered every form of bio-engineering and technical wizardry in the known galaxy. The discovery of this power led them to create a vast intersteller empire that was ultimately undone after one of their creations, a giant race of humanoids that preceded the Zentraedi, turned on them and themselves. The surviving Masters then fashioned their entire society, through various methods of cloning, genetic and mental manipulation, after the triplicate nature of the Flower of Life, thus giving birth to the Triumvirate.

They became the primary antagonist during the Second Robotech War, under the leadership of the corrupt Robotech Elders Triumvirate and Robotech Masters Triumvirate. Their mad quest to seize the Protoculture Factory Matrix, the only means to produce an endless supply of Protoculture, would eventually lead to their race's downfall. They steadfastly upheld the principles of the triumvirate until the end. The aftermath of the war saw the rise of the Robotech Masters Remnant, where they resisted the surviving forces of humanity, right until the Invid Invasion. Those that survived the war, either surrendered or fled back to their homeworld of Tirol. It was not known if any survived the journey.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Little is known regarding what the Robotech Masters looked prior to the introduction of the Triumvirate. The Triumvirate itself was the embodiment of perfection in the Robotech Masters society. Three identical clones, distinguished only by their hair color, acted as one. Each member was responsible for one of three functions: information, decision and action. As a whole, they presented a powerful, cohesive unit, but if one member was lost to the group, then they lose their stability and become unable to function.


Ever since the introduction of the Triumvirate to Tirolian society, the ultimate leadership of the Robotech Masters rested on the Robotech Elders Triumvirate. The Elders in turn relied on the Robotech Masters Triumvirate to carry our doing their directives, as well as handle day to day matters. They had a number of minor triumvirate castes supporting them in this endeavor, which included the Scientist Triumvirate and Intelligence Triumvirate. Both of who served various purpose within the Masters' Cityships, such as maintenance of the protoculture reserves, development of new war machines, to handling dissident clones.


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For eons, the Robotech Masters dominated the universe. Details on where they came from, how they rose to power, and what motivated them could be traced back to the Tirolian scientist Zor's discovery of the Flower of Life and Protoculture, which led to the creation of a new science known as "Robotech". Ultimately, it was the Robotech Masters' dependancy and misuse of protoculture that forced Zor to turn against his people. This would start a chain of events that would eventually lead to the First Robotech War on Earth.



  • The Jack McKinney novelization of The Final Nightmare stated that the names of the three members of the Robotech Masters Triumvirate were Shaizan, Dag and Bowkaz though these are from an non-canonical source and not mentioned anywhere within the Robotech universe or its supporting material.
  • While somewhat confusing, the Robotech Masters referred to both the leadership and the species. The Masters were ultimately an off-shoot of the Tirolian race.

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