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-United States Army -Robotech Defense Force

It's never been a game, Claudia. Maybe someday you'll understand that.

—Roy Fokker

Roy fokker

Roy Fokker was a celebrated human fighter pilot of the Global War and First Robotech War.

Roy was adopted by Pop Hunter after the death of his biological father Dan Fokker. A gifted pilot from youth, he flew in Pop's flying circus before joining the military during the Global War. However, after the Macross Incident, he joined the newly formed Robotech Defense Force in their attempts to discover the secrets behind the alien technology.

He would go on to command the celebrated Skull Squadron and was part of the SDF-1's fighter pilot complement during its long transition from Pluto back to Earth. Not long before the SDF-1 returned to Earth Fokker was injured in battle and later succumbed to his injurie


The leader of the veritech fighter squadrons attached to the Super Dimension Fortress-1 (SDF-1) battlefortress, Roy Fokker was the premier fighter pilot in the Robotech Defense Force. Fokker first gained fame by shooting down 108 enemy planes during the Global War and subsequent conflicts.

Fokker was called back to duty by Admiral Donald Hayes and became the top test pilot for the YF-1 Prototype Veritech, which led to the creation of the transformable veritech fighter. As commander of the renowned Skull Squadron, Roy maintained his reputation among his fellow pilots, as his squadron earned distinction in battle after battle with the Zentraedi forces.


Early LifeEdit

You haven't changed a bit, have you? Well, this isn't your dad's amateur flying circus. My men are real pilots.

—Roy Fokker


A young Roy during the Global War. This was when he first met the love of his life, Claudia Grant.

From an early age, Roy had a strong love of flying. He grew up with Rick Hunter's father and flew for their Flying Circus aerobatic team. The two boys grew very close. That relationship was severely tested when Roy left the Flying Circus to fight in the Global War, and later joined the Veritech development project on Macross Island. It was here that Roy performed the first transatmospheric test flight of the YF-1 Prototype Veritech.

A playboy for much of his early flying career, his life is changed when he meets a young air control officer named Claudia Grant.

Return to MacrossEdit

Are you crazy? Get that junkie out of here. What are you trying to do buddy, make a perfect fool on me?

—Roy Fokker

Roy tried to mended his relationship with young Rick Hunter by inviting him to the launch of the SDF-1 on Macross Island. When the First Robotech War broke out, Roy influenced Rick to join the Robotech defense forces and follow in his footsteps as a fighter pilot. In the outbreak of the First Robotech War, Roy took Rick under his wings, serving as his mentor during combat.


Roy died from wounds sustained while defending Macross from Miriya's force of Queadluun-Rau battle suits. Instead of going to the hospital to treat his wounds, he chose to play the guitar while waiting for Claudia Grant to finish her pineapple salad; while she was cooking for him, he collapsed from a sudden internal bleeding and passed away few minutes later. To Rick's chagrin given his then shaken self-confidence in his flying skill in war, he was promoted as the new leader of Roy's Skull Squadron, using his signature mecha, the VF-1S Valkyrie as well.


  • Noboro Ishiguro, director of the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross said in an interview with the magazine Gundam ACE that the character Roy Focker was like a son of Sleggar Law. In fact they both have striking similarities, but Focker has a much more transcendence and protagonism in Macross. Ishiguro said that he really liked the character of Sleggar, so he wanted to have someone like him in Macross, but also with a more significant participation in the series.
  • The colors on Roy's VF-1S Valkyrie are similar to those of the VF-84 Jolly Rogers unit that flew the F-14 Tomcat, a plane that inspired the basic design of the VF-1 Valkyrie.
  • The original Roy Focker was named in honor of the Fokker aircraft company, and its founder Anthony Fokker who built the Fokker E.I, the Fokker Dr.I and Fokker D.VII fighter aircraft during World War I. In flashback sequences, Roy flies a reproduction Fokker D.VII, and gives Hikaru a model of one as a "get well" gift. Furthermore, although several possible scenarios regarding his death abound, the Red Baron (for which the Fokker Dr.I was most famous) was possibly shot down in combat by a Canadian pilot called Roy Brown, the origin of Roy Focker's first name. Robotech changed the spelling of the name to Fokker to more correctly reflect the Anthony Fokker inspiration. It is often joked that they also did as much to avoid the name sounding too much like a certain vulgar expletive.
  • Roy Focker was voiced by Akira Kamiya in the original Japanese anime TV series and by Brett Weaver in the 2006 ADV Films English dub of the Japanese series.
  • Original design was by iconic character designer Haruhiko Mikimoto.

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