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Tactical Air Force
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Army of the Southern Cross

Tactical Air Force was the atmopsheric aerial combat division of the Army of the Southern Cross.



Tactical Air Force's standard armor.

Like their ground counterparts, the Tactical Air Force represented the main aerial combat force of the Army of the Southern Cross. the soldiers of the TAF were trained combat pilots in all conventional fighter aircraft, and the AHR-15 Phantom Reconnaissance VTOL Aircraft and F-110 Falcon II Interceptor specifically.

The TAF were masters of aerial combat who seemed to bring their fighters to life, like giant birds of prey. No pilots in the world could match the TAF in aerial combat. On the ground they were decent soldiers, trained in hand to hand combat, and skilled in the use of the jet pack for raids and boarding operations. The sight of a squad of TAF pilots darting through the skies, powered only by their small jet pack, were impressive as their high speed, precision maneuvers in jet fighters.

Preferred EquipmentEdit

Although a TAF pilot could be trained to operate a veritech, it was not part of their formal training, though they could if the situation demanded it.