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Army of the Southern Cross

The Tactical Corps was a division of the Army of the Southern Cross. __TOC



Tactical Corps' standard armor.

The main, frontline Army of the Southern Cross was the Tactical Corps. Like the United States Marines of old, the soldiers of the TC were trained in the art of hand to hand combat in all environments. Consequently, they functioned equally well in forest, jungle, desert or urban environments, as well as limited training for space and sea combat. They were tough, down to earth warriors dedicated to the protection of the planet Earth and all her people. Wherever they are, the TC were the true grunts of the Southern Cross' armies.

The Tactical Corps was composed of warriors. These capable men and women were highly trained in the skills of war and little else. The TC were almost always involved in seek and destroy missions, rescue, reconnaissance, assaults and other, dangerous, combat expeditions.

Preferred EquipmentEdit

The Tactical Corps utilized a wide variety of battloids, though are most often associated with the CBH-4 Salamander. The Salamander could accommodate the versatility of combat needs of the corp.