Production information


Technical specifications

2 meters

Engine unit(s)

Bstizzi anti-gravity units

Power plant

Ttsteni micro-protoculture generator


2 x particle beam cannons


Robotech Masters

The Triumviroid Attack Drone was a anti-gravity propelled attack drone of the Robotech Masters.


These drones were the prototype for the triary control system used in the Invid Fighter bioroids. As the war with the Army of the Southern Cross proceeded, the Robotech Masters soon came to the realization that their bioroid clones were becoming increasingly defenseless to the perceived Terran emotional attacks. In response, the Robotech Masters ordered their scientists to build a improved Robotech Sentinel which could replace the increasingly inefficient clones. The Science Masters, taking from the previous A.I. Robotech units which guarded their Robotech Factories, created the Triumviroid. The Triumviroid is a self-containing device which is independently capable of performing the three basic functions of combat: data accumulation, analysis and response all within milliseconds. A weapon that was to perform as perfectly as the Masters themselves. The Robotech Masters believed that they would no longer have to depend on bioroid clones such as Zor Prime.

This proved not to be the case for three reasons. From the beginning, the Triumviroid project was plagued by lack of protoculture and manufacturing capacity. The scientists were able to produce limit numbers of the advanced micronized AI circuitry. However, they were unable to mass produce the sizable quantities that would be needed for the number of combat units required. In addition, the Robotech Scientist Triumvirate greatly underestimated the amount of protoculture required for powering these units. Unfortunately for the Robotech Masters, the lack of protoculuture was the vary reason for the initial research into the Triumviroid. The third and final reason for the ultimate failure of the Triumviroid, was that the production would require major retooling of the manufacturing lines. Although the newest Bioroid Invid Fighters would also require the use of the remaining protoculture, production could proceed with the current manufacturing lines. As a result the Masters decided to discontinue production of the Triumviroid after only some 1200 units were produced and concentrate all their efforts on stabilizing their remaining clones and producing more advanced Bioroid units.


During the Second Robotech War, The remaining Triumviroids were quickly absorbed into the Masters Armed forces and proved themselves extremely adept fighters. This was especially the case when Triumviroid units were attached to Bioroid Invid Fighters. Typically, these elite units consisted of three Invid Fighters with nine Triumviroids. These groups proved themselves lethal against the Army of the Southern Cross. Fortunately, as the total number of these hunter killer units were small as the total number of Triumviroids remained small and their efficiency decreased as the protoculture supplies dwindled. At the end of the war, some units survived along with the Masters' forces that went into hiding.


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