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The United Earth Expeditionary Force, often referred to as the Expeditionary Forces and more commonly as the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF), was an off-world combined missions command. The REF informally began with the Pioneer Expedition, a fleet of refitted Zentreadi and newly constructed Human crusiers, sent out to locate enemy Zentraedi forces, their bases, possible allies and habitable worlds. In response to the Gloval Initiative, the REF's objectives expanded under the authority of the Pioneer Mission and Expeditionary Mission, they were tasked with colonization and deep space exploration in hopes of discovering the location of the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Some time during the Second Robotech War, the Earth Defense Expedition was formed, composed of the deep space fleets of the Robotech Relief Expedition and later,  the Earth Reclamation Force, tasked with reclaiming humanity's homeworld from the Invid.

Command StructureEdit

By the time of the Second Robotech War, the Expeditionary Forces' command had moved to deep space, where it operated mostly independant of Earth.

General Adam Reinhardt was in command of Pioneer Mission and the attached Pioneer Expedition, the battlecruiser Recon-1 had been operating under their authority since 2014 and the Super Dimension Fortress-3 Pioneer (SDF-3) a few years later. The broader mission was to colonize safe and habitable worlds, while the Expedition's goal was to discover and secure these planets as they searched for rogue Zentraedi, possible alien allies, and clues to help find the Robotech homeworld.

The Expeditionary Mission was more heavily militarized than Pioneer Mission, they operated multiple fleets in conjuction with Pioneer Expedition's Scout and Recon vessels such as Recon-1. Admiral Lisa Hayes-Hunter, commander of this mission, moved her command back to the Super Dimension Fortress-3 Pioneer (SDF-3) in 2029, the iconic Robotech Battlefortress once again took it's place with the primary Expeditionary Fleet.

The operational command of the Robotech Relief Expedition and Earth Reclamation Force, officially known as the Earth Defense Expedition, were under the authority of Mars Base. Admiral Rick Hunter personally oversaw planning and execution, he transfered his command from the SDF-3 to the newly completed Super Dimension Fortress-4 Liberator. Mars (1st) Division was the most well known of their combat forces, named after its mission's base.

Details of the Sentinels Expedition, or Campaign as some prefer to label it, are not available to the general public at this time.


Mercury Base (Reconnaissance)Edit

The smallest of the REF fleets, the Mercury Base nonetheless performs one of the most vital functions of Operation Pioneer. Ships assigned to Mercury Base have been specifically designed for independent, long-duration missions. Pluto Base personnel were often assigned to coordinate intelligence gathering as well as special Mars Base teams.

Command StructureEdit

Commanding Officer: Major General Adam Reinhardt

Battle Group Apollo (1)Edit
  • Task Force Ajax
  • Task Force Pericles
Battle Group Artemis (2)Edit
  • Task Force Diomedes
  • Task Force Hermes

Venus Base (Non-Military/Science Research)Edit

Most non-military activities are coordinated through Venus Base. As Operation Pioneer was mankind’s first extra-solar expedition, many new truths about universal science, medicine and physics were being discovered. Alien life, languages, and physiology are studied as well as ways to improve human adaptation to alien climates.

Command StructureEdit

Commanding Officer: Dr. Emil Lang

  • Aphrodite Division (1)
  • Demeter Division (2)
  • Gaea Division (3)
  • Hestia Division (4)

Mars Base (Planetary Assault Forces)Edit

In the tradition of Earth’s elite military forces, Mars Base units was always the first to fight. Functioning as their own fleet, their primary mission is to perform first-strike missions, establish forward bases, and coordinate frontal assaults on enemy targets.

Command StructureEdit

Commanding Officer: Admiral Rick Hunter

Battle Group Ares (1)Edit
  • Task Force Deimos
  • Task Force Phobos
Battle Group Athena (2)Edit
  • Task Force Achilles
  • Task Force Ulysses
Battle Group Heracles (3)Edit
  • Task Force Perseus
  • Task Force Theseus
Battle Group Pegasus (4)Edit
  • Task Force Bellerephon
  • Task Force Cadmus
Battle Group Vulcan (5)Edit
  • Task Force Agamemnon
  • Task Force Orpheus

Jupiter Base (Command/Tactical)Edit

Overall mission command and control functions for the entire Pioneer expedition are centered on Jupiter Base. The largest of the REF fleets, Jupiter Base comprises the bulk of Operation Pioneer’s ships. Carrying the heaviest weaponry, the Jupiter Base battle groups and task forces are equipped to handle large-scale offensive operations and engagements.

Saturn Base (Control)Edit

While carrying forces and equipment nearly equal to those of Jupiter Base, the focus of Saturn Base is more towards defensive operations, which take over once Jupiter Base forces have secured the area. The typical order of battle in an REF operation would involve reconnaissance by Mercury Base, initial space-based assault by Jupiter Base, invasion by Mars Base and then control and security action by Saturn Base.

Uranus Base (Logistics-Support)Edit

Though technically a non-combat arm of the REF, Uranus Base performs a no less vital function. Coordinating supplies and supporting combat operations are the base’s primary function. Paramount is the Oberon Division’s corps of engineers, tasked with providing the REF with immediate operational facilities on alien and hostile territories.

Neptune Base (Military Research-Special Weapons)Edit

The “skunkworks” of the REF, the latest innovations in Robotechnology and biomechanical theory are put through their paces. Scientists and engineers assigned to the Neptune Base are on the cutting edge of expanding mankind’s technical horizons, as well as providing the REF with the most advanced weaponry to defend Earth’s interests. The weapons of the battlegroups and task forces of Neptune Base are the most advanced and dangerous in the REF.

Pluto Base (Intelligence-Internal Security)Edit

The God of the Underworld is a fitting description for the intelligence-gathering wing of the REF. Military intelligence and analysis is their specialty, as well as obvious duties such as military police and judge advocate corps. Pluto Base personnel can be found among each of the other bases, performing their duties and their presence is both respected and valued among the fleet.

List of Starship TypesEdit

Capital ShipsEdit


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Destroids and BattloidsEdit

  • Radar X
  • Excalibur
  • Gladiator
  • Spartan
  • Mac III
  • Jackel
  • Cougar
  • Boxer
  • Jaguar
  • Tiger

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